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Advantages of silicon carbide for casting

Publisher: Administrator 2018/12/24 8:57:27

I. characteristics of silicon carbide products

1. Prevent precipitation of carbides and increase ferrite content. Gestation effect is better, reduce white mouth.

2. Significantly improve the machinability, improve the mechanical properties, and reduce the amount of 2-3% carburizer.

3. Increase fluidity, stabilize composition of molten iron and prevent segregation. Cast-grade silicon carbide is an excellent deoxidizer and siliconizing agent.

4. Reduce the sensitivity of wall thickness to make the tissue compact and the cutting surface smooth.

5. Enhance graphite nucleation capacity and increase graphite core. 1.2 tons of cast-grade silicon carbide is equivalent to one ton of ferrosilicon no.75.

6. For nodular iron, it is a strong deoxidizer, which can reduce the amount of nodular agent and improve the nodular rate.

7. Reduce rusty wastes and alloys to reduce the cost of molten iron.

8. Eliminate the oxidation factor of molten iron, reduce the oxidation of furnace wall, and extend the life of furnace wall by 30%.

9. Strong deoxygenation, purifying molten iron, accelerating melting speed, easy to control chemical composition and improve casting quality.

10. The morphological length of gray iron graphite became shorter, type A graphite increased, type D graphite decreased, and the number of eutectic clusters and pearlites significantly improved.

11. Grain refinement and crystallization increase; The inclusion of molten iron decreased obviously.

12. Due to its strong nuclear generation capacity, silicon carbide inoculant can improve graphite morphology and refine the structure, thereby improving mechanical properties and leakage prevention.

13. The number of crystallized cores of nodular iron increased, the number of graphite spheres increased, the spheroidization rate increased, and the spheroidization grade increased by one level.

14. Silicon carbide contains very little aluminum, so it can effectively reduce the pores under the skin.

15. Iron and steel enterprises used in alloy deoxidation and silicon enhancement instead of silicon iron, has been successfully used by domestic large and medium-sized foundry manufacturers.

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