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Drying silicon carbide powder need to pay attention to matters

Publisher: Administrator 2018/12/24 8:45:39

In order to further reduce the moisture content of silicon carbide micro powder, it is necessary to dry silicon carbide micro powder during processing, so as to further meet the specifications required by the manufacturer. Drying silicon carbide powder is also a fine work, so there are many things to pay attention to, we will summarize today.

1. The operator shall put on the tooling, open the oven door, and the drying temperature shall not exceed 120 degrees, and pay attention to the theoretical ignition point of paper bag packaging;

2. Open the packaging mouth of cutting powder, put the mouth into the oven upward, and beware of foreign bodies mixing when opening the cutting powder bag

3. A special person shall observe and record the temperature of the oven at regular intervals

4. Put the dried cutting powder into the blender uniformly for mixing. According to the specific process can not be stirred at one time, the rest of the cutting powder should be placed in the oven, and the next batch of material together with the re-drying reuse. Do not dry the raw materials without any protective measures, naked in the air; It is better to use spiral feeding device or vacuum pump extraction device when feeding into the mixing barrel. If the manual direct feeding process is adopted, it is necessary to ensure that each bag of silicon carbide micro powder is evenly put into the material barrel. It is strictly prohibited to put the whole bag of green silicon carbide micro powder into the barrel at one time.

5. Pay attention to the operating procedures when taking materials from the drying box, and be careful of burns;

6. Keep the packaging clean - when feeding, do not put the paper bag with silicon carbide powder directly on the ground, do not step on the packaging of black silicon carbide powder directly with your feet, so as not to contaminate the blade material.

7. The feeding environment should be sealed as far as possible, and the blade material that has been opened should not be exposed in the air for a long time. Cause the invasion of impurities in the air.

8. Do not use the blade material of rotten packaging as far as possible. Impurities may have been mixed in after rotten packaging, affecting the cutting effect and causing unnecessary losses.

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