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Non-abrasive use of silicon carbide

Publisher: Administrator 2018/12/24 8:45:10

About the application of silicon carbide, we all know a lot, especially in the abrasive mold industry, has been widely used. What about silicon carbide for non-abrasive applications? Today we'll take a look.

First: refractory aspect: as the silicon carbide has high melting point (or decomposition temperature), chemical stability, so the silicon carbide can be called a good refractory material, so in the real production, the use of silicon carbide powder is the main purpose of the production of refractory materials, molds, ceramics firing with shed board saggar, refined zinc and zinc vertical retort furnace tower rectified and potassium use silicon carbide furnace turn (zinc, K and SIC unresponsive) as well as the crucible, the iron tank, small furnace material, rocket nozzle, etc.

Silicon carbide as a refractory material is mainly black silicon carbide, because black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide, silicon carbide toughness slightly higher, but also because of the low price.

Second: metallurgical and chemical aspects: at first from Western Europe, North America countries began to use silicon carbide in the application of steel smelting silicon carbide added as a deoxidizer, cast iron structure improver. With the promotion of the market, silicon carbide deoxidizer is widely used in China. Because silicon carbide decomposes in molten steel and reacts with free oxygen and metal oxides in the molten steel to form carbon monoxide and silicon-containing slag. In particular, when smelting cast iron, silicon carbide is often added in excess to make a small amount of silicon into the molten iron. This treatment is helpful to purify the microstructure of cast iron and further improve the quality of castings.

It can be seen that silicon carbide plays a great role in metallurgical charging and refractories. Through further development and production, we believe that silicon carbide will be used in more fields beyond our imagination. Therefore, it is of great value to rationally develop and study the application of silicon carbide.

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