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Summary of the reasons of unqualified silicon carbide grinding powder

Publisher: Administrator 2018/12/24 8:44:57

First: reasons for unqualified chemical purity:

(1) improper control of smelting process

(2) improper chemical treatment


(1) strengthen the quality control of black and green silicon carbide smelting and grading

(2) strengthen the operation of chemical treatment

Second: reasons for the excessive F.C of silicon carbide sand:

(1) excessive carbon content in smelting proportion

(2) improper washing operation


(1) adjust the formula and strengthen the classification

(2) strengthen washing operation of silicon carbide sand

Third: silicon carbide magnetic material exceeds the standard reason:

(1) high iron content in the crystal block

(2) improper magnetic separation operation

(3) poor pickling quality


(1) strengthen the quality of smelting materials

(2) strengthen magnetic separation and pickling operations

Fourth: reasons for ferroalloy particles in silicon carbide:

(1) the crystallized block is mixed with ferroalloy

(2) large wear and tear of crushing equipment

(3) improper magnetic separation operation


(1) strengthen crystallization block classification

(2) strengthen magnetic separation

Fifth: reasons for the unqualified composition of silicon carbide granular sand:

(1) the semi-finished product particle size difference after semicolon screening is large

(2) improper screening of finished products and untimely particle size inspection

(3) the screen is blocked and the goods leak


(1) strengthen the control of semicolon screening

(2) strengthen the operation and detection of finished product screening

(3) frequently detect quality problems of the screen.

Silicon carbide sand, silicon carbide powder production requirements are very strict, so in order to further improve its quality, silicon carbide manufacturers should be timely detection of production problems, and timely solve.

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