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Ansemer semiconductor publishes silicon carbide (SiC) diodes for demanding automotive applications

Publisher: Administrator 2019/1/5 9:28:49

Ansemy semiconductor, which is driving energy efficiency innovation, has announced an expanded range of silicon carbide (SiC) schottky diodes, including devices designed specifically for demanding automotive applications. The new aec-q101 compliant automotive grade SiC diodes provide the reliability and robustness required for modern automotive applications, as well as many performance advantages equivalent to wide gap (WBG) technology.

SiC technology provides better switching performance and higher reliability than silicon devices. SiC diodes have no reverse current recovery, and switching performance is temperature independent. Excellent thermal performance, increased power density and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI), reduced system size and reduced cost make SiC an excellent choice for a growing number of high-performance automotive applications.

Amsemi's new SiC diodes come in popular surface mount and through-hole packages, including to-247, D2PAK, and DPAK. FFSHx0120 1200 V first generation devices and FFSHx065 650 V second generation devices provide zero reverse recovery, low forward voltage, temperature independent current stability, very low leakage current, high surge capacitance and positive temperature coefficient. They provide greater energy efficiency and faster recovery improves switching speed, reducing the size of the magnetic components required.

Diodes are designed to withstand large surges of current in order to meet the requirements of robustness and to operate reliably in the harsh electrical environment of automotive applications. They also include a unique patented terminal structure for increased reliability and stability. Working temperature range for - 55 ℃ to 175 ℃.

"The introduction of aec-compliant devices expands the schottky diode family and brings significant advantages to automotive applications in SiC technology, enabling customers to meet the industry's stringent performance requirements," said Fabio Necco, senior director of ansemer semiconductor. SiC technology is well suited for automotive environments, providing higher energy efficiency, faster switching, better thermal performance and higher robustness. "In a space - and weight-conscious field, SiC's higher power density helps reduce overall solution size, as well as the related advantages of smaller magnetic devices, which are welcomed by customers.

During the PCIM, asme will showcase these new devices and the company's solutions in wide bandgap, automotive, motor control, usb-c power supply, LED lighting and intelligent passive sensors (SPS) for industrial predictive maintenance applications.

The company will also demonstrate an industry-leading advanced SPICE model, which is susceptible to program parameters and circuit layout disturbances and is therefore an improvement over current industry modeling capabilities. Using this tool, circuit designers can evaluate techniques early in the simulation process without having to go through expensive and time-consuming manufacturing iterations. Another advantage of the SPICE prediction model is that it can be connected to a variety of industry standard simulation platform ports.

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